Gotta Start Somewhere

Gotta Start Somewhere

Hello World,

With each passing day I am constantly reminded that Graduation Day is a looming beacon in the not so far off future.  Like most teenagers turned young adults I am eager to move out, find a job, and conquer the world.  However, reality is starting to slap me in the face.  And with each day there is a bit more pressure than the day before.  So, in an attempt to showcase my fabulous writing skills (sarcasm intended), and to distract myself from the fear of living with my parents for the rest of time (not that they aren’t wonderful people, because they are), I have started this blog.  There isn’t one main topic just my take on the crazy things happening in the world I am living in.  If by chance any future employers stumble onto it then that would be good too.  But if not, these are my opinions, and you will get a new one every week.

Thanks for reading!


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